StepsHow to Setup Linux Bash on Windows 10


Now with Windows 10 new Anniversary Update, you will be able to use a new Bash shell for developers. This new update will allow the windows user to use and run Linux shell and applications on windows. The shell is called “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows”

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Tools and commands used

  • Run
  • For Developer Settings
  • Windows features
  • Command Prompt
  • winver, Lxrun commands

Step 1: Check if you are running the Windows 10 64-bit Anniversary Update

The first step is to check if you’re running Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update. To do this, click on start and type “Run” (or press the Windows key + R) then type the following:


You should be able to see the version number as shown below:

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The build number should be 14393.10 or greater. If you are not running this version of windows, please install it before you continue.

Step 2: Enable the “Developer Mode” feature

Click on start (or press the Windows key) and type “For Developer Settings”
Start windows settings, choose Update & Security, and then click on “For developers”
Check on “Developer mode” to activate it as shown below. If asked to turn on developer mode, click yes.

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Step 3: Install Windows Subsystem for Linux

Click on start (or press the Windows key) and type “Turn Windows features on or off”
Start windows settings, choose “System”, click on “Apps & features”, scroll down to the end of the settings’ page and choose “Programs and Features”, and finally click on “Turn Windows features on or off”

Now, find and enable the “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)” as shown below then click OK. If asked to reboot your system, click “Restart Now”

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Step 4: Run the Bash command

After Windows reboot, go the command prompt or press the Windows key + R and type cmd.
To see usage options, on the command prompt type the following:


To start the installation of Bash, on the command prompt type:

lxrun /install 

If you want to automate the installation of Bash for you or if you would like the installation not to prompt the user to accept, type the following on the command line:

lxrun /install /y 

Step 5: Start using the bash shell

To do this, click on start (or press the Windows key) and type “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” then click on it to start using the shell.

To access the location of the Ubuntu file system directory from windows explorer, go to:


To access the location of the windows drive c or other drivers or folders from the Bash, type the following:

cd /mnt/c/
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